Lockwood Brothers, Inc. has been a leader in the heavy hauling industry since its entry in the oversize load arena in 1946. Starting out with heavy duty low-profile deck and flat trailer equipment, Lockwood pioneered the use of hydraulic platform trailer combinations back in the early Seventies. Our seven prime movers combined with our fleet of both Goldhofer and Trabosa type hydraulic trailers, complete with drop beds and third file capabilities, enable Lockwood to move loads up to 800 tons. We provide step deck, flatbeds and regular low- profile deck service to 125 tons.

In addition to our 65 years of experience, what separates Lockwood from our competitors is that we own our own fleet of barges designed with special roll-on and roll-off capabilities, a fleet of specialized hydraulic platform trailers with total capacity over 800 tons, and the expertise to develop rail and vessel transport with all the major carriers where required. We also own a 500 ton hydraulic lift tower to enable us to make safe and efficient transfers of cargo from railcars to trailers and to facilitate cargo transfer from our “All-Ocean” ABS classed barges.

  Centrally located on the East Coast, we have interfaced with most of the major ports along the Atlantic, as well as the Gulf of Mexico, Inland River System, and the Great Lakes. When your cargo requires specialized handling or various modes of handling, contact the team at Lockwood for a professional, safe and cost effective plan to support your transportation needs.