Humidity Controlled Storage in Hampton, VA  

Lockwood Brothers, Inc. has been serving the Power Generation, Nuclear Services and Industrial Communities for over 10 years providing safe, secure and cost-effective storage of high value equipment in the Hampton Roads area.

We can provide Yard Storage, Humidity Controlled Storage, Inside Dry Storage, as well as very competitive handling rates. We have a large port based facility in Newport News, VA specifically designed for cargo requiring secure, sprinkled storage with the additional capabilities of temperature and humidity controlled environments. The facility is ideal for the long term storage of Generators, Turbines, Transformers, and Nuclear Components, all with on-site access for vessel, rail and heavy haul shipment capabilities.

In addition to the Heavy Component Facility, we can also offer warehousing from 8,000 square feet. to 20,000 square feet. for single piece or general cargo storage.

Long term storage facility in Hampton, VA